Research Portfolio

Welcome to my research portfolio page

My research journey has inspired a commitment to access. This includes access to knowledge and electricity. I am therefore a proponent of sharing knowledge to aid others in their journey of renewable energy research. I consider the electrification of Africa an imperative to global social progress and believe that this should therefore be a global effort.

Currently, I am writing research articles on spectral solar radiation characterisation and modelling, the atmospheric composition distributions over southern Africa, and data-scarcity in Africa. I have already submitted my PhD dissertation and expect to graduate end of 2021. I am also researching best engineering education practices and the nuanced knowledge-building process within postgraduate engineering. I am a proactive and resilient researcher, coder, analyst and teacher. I am well-read, a proficient writer, and thoroughly enjoy asking questions and pursuing the answers thereof.

The following is also provided on this website:

My goal is to contribute to sustainability and the progress of society through my technical skills, creative approach to problem-solving and compassion for the Earth, animals and community.