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On this page, you will find resources related to exploring and visualising of solar radiation and weather data through Python.

Python & py packages


The ultimate data analysis tool in Python.

  • Installation and user guide for Pandas

A comprehensive visualisation library for Python.


A community Python package for solar radiation simulation and modelling.

  • Introduction and package overview of pvlib

Atmospheric correction of meteorological satellite imagery and other solar spectral functions.


HAPI (HITRAN Application Programming Interface) is a set of Python routines to remotely extract HITRAN absorption cross-sections and line-by-line absorption spectra. Includes routines to convert line-by-line spectra to absorption cross-sections or coefficients at a specific temperature and pressure.


  • Comprehensive examples of access and visualisation of NASA HDF5 files with Python and MATLAB by HDF – EOS
  • Quick visualisation of NASA GES DISC data with Giovanni, which includes time-averaged maps, scatter plots and animations
  • Quick Fits, HDF5, NetCDF and HDF4 viewer application, HDFView
  • Similar to HDFView with netCDF, HDF and GRIB viewing capabilities is Panoply, with additional geospatial mapping capabilities as observed in Giovanni