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solarXY is a platform for sharing coding and writing resources to aid solar energy student researchers in disseminating and communicating (their) research in a meaningful way. The objective is to establish a pool of resources based on reputable sources and information. The main research topics are solar energy and understanding the influences of weather and climate on solar radiation. This second part is known as energy meteorology in some circles and has forced many (solar engineering) researchers to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach in engaging with knowledge.

Remember to regularly check in on the static pages (menu) for all the important resources and let me know if you have anything of interest I should add there.

Carmen is a PhD engineering student that is always asking more questions. She thoroughly enjoys research and sees herself as a Renaissance (wo)man. Although she enjoys many things, she currently mostly reads, writes and codes to complete her PhD, but will possibly keep on doing only those things for many years to come.

More information on my research and career is provided in the Research Portfolio section of this website.